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Letter to myself


"A bed for my miss-understood"

Dear Funmilade or ftaiwo whatever it is you go by these days, first off I’d like to say
It’s okay to be short. You say perception is subjective and it’s all about perspective so trust me in Asia you’re probably just above average.

You will grow facial hair worth…



Lupita’s Beauty

Lupita Nyong’o forthe March issue of ESSENCE MagazineIn the 4-page spread entitled, “Lupita Shines”, the actress shared her feelings about her major award nominations and how she’s dealing with the brightness of the spotlight.

Want to know her beauty regimen? The stunner keeps things as simple and natural as possible.

“She moisturizes with argan oil, pomegranate oil and kukui oil from Hawaii interchangeably[,] and removes her makeup with avocado oil. Should she ever break out – which is rare – she spot-treats with a fresh garlic clove. “My mother instilled in me that nature knows best,” she says.”


buying all that shit

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